Las Aguilas

The name of the ranch “The Eagles” comes from the fact that eagles used to have a nest in one of the trees in the ranch. It is the second time that agave has been grown there, the last time was around 1965. After that, it was used only to grow grass and feed cattle. Las Aguilas slopes slightly and is hilly at 2,057 meters altitude. A small percentage of the plants of this field were left to grow the quiote as part of the Bat Friendly Program in which Tequila Ocho is proud to participate. At harvest, the agaves were 6 years old and the average sugar content was 27.47%.

Tasting Notes:

Blanco (Plata)
Aroma – butter, macadamia nut, violet flowers, wet green leaves, bright, round acetone, cinnamon, tart cassis, pink pepper corns, nutmeg
Palate – whipped cream, white chocolate, menthol, black pepper, tart red berries, tannic dryness

Aroma – grilled peach, caramel, molasses, menthol, earth, nutmeg, marshmallow, jujube
Palate – pineapple, crème brulee, maple syrup, coffee, cooked artichoke, white pepper, nutmeg

Aroma –
toasted almonds, dried pineapple, roasted chestnuts, lemongrass, ripe pear
Palate –
red berries, honey melon, mushrooms, brioche toast, violets, a hint of rose, cinnamon

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