EI Carrizal

El Carrizal is 1978m above sea level with the typical red soil earth of the Los Altos highlands. Warm days and cooler nights give the agave both a sweetness and an acidity. When balanced, these two elements create a harmonious drinking experience as with wine.

Tasting Notes:

Blanco (Plata)
Colour – Clear and bright.
Aroma – It has a sweetly floral nose with extra ripe agaves and candied fruit presenting themselves.
Palate – We detect citrus, cinnamon, dried fruit and almond on the palate with a lingering hint of spearmint on the finish.

Colour – Has a light straw color with brilliant clarity.
Aroma – We detect strong broad floral presence and a sweet cooked agave. Oak accents are present as are vanilla, tapenade, egg custard and cooked orchard fruits.
Palate – We are initially hit by soft, ripe agave followed by balanced fruit and acidity that delivers an incredibly smooth taste. There is a subtle oak presence that continues into the finish with soft tannin notes and an agave sweetness that lingers.

Colour – Very pale straw, very viscous.
Aroma – Round, red fruit, white pepper, brown sugar, vegetal, ripe agave with oak undertones candied spices, marshmallow.
Palate – Packed with fruit balanced with acidity, spice and honey, the earthy agave finish persist. Tropical fruit, tannins, wood, confectioners’ sugar (powdered sugar), ripe agave, green fruit, green olives, Asian spies, finishes with clay-like, earthy agave, honey.

Extra Añejo
Colour – Pale and bright for an extra Añejo due to the face that the barrels have had 6-7 earlier fillings.
Aroma – Salt caramel, acetone, mint, floral hints, cedar, cooked turnips, molasses, olive brine, opens to sharp perfumed candied fruits, seaweed, celery.
Palate – Thick, rich mouth feel, butter, butterscotch, dry and lively fruit, cacao, cooked mint, coffee, mellow French oak finish, opens up after 5 minutes to a wide strata of flavors, hints of cognac.

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