Las Presas

Las Presas, “The Dams”, is a ranch located in Jesus Maria that belonged to Carlos Camarena’s great-grandfather. The field sits at 2,170 meters altitude, is slightly inclined east-west, therefore the agave rows are oriented north-south to receive most of the sunlight without shadowing each other.

The agaves harvested were 6.5 years old with an average weight of 26 kgs and a sugar content of 28.6%.

Tasting Notes

Blanco (Plata)
Aroma – clove, cardamom, overripe pineapple, violet flowers, marzipan, sweet wintergreen, dried persimmon
Palate – guava ,white pepper, sweet, red grape, asparagus, ripe mandarin, cooked artichoke, menthol, green olive

Aroma – dark toasted coconut, menthol, allspice, raw hazelnut, chrysanthemum flowers, caramel, treacle, cinnamon, cactus apple
Palate – white pepper, marzipan, burnt orange zest, earth, salty caramel, tannic, leather, cacao

Aroma – citrus zest, cinnamon, ripe mango, black tea, butter cream, red berries, mole, wet tobacco
Palate – raw asparagus, ripe kiwi, ripe green grapes, caramel, mineral, star anise

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