Los Corrales

Los Corrales is 2184m above sea level with deep red soil devoid of rocks. The plot is triangular with the longest side of 800m facing the main road from Arandas to Jesus Maria. The agaves were aged 9 years at the point of harvest and grew quickly in the rich soil. Some of the hearts of the agaves – the piñas – were 100kg, the average being 35kg.

Tasting Notes:

Blanco (Plata)
Colour – Brilliant, clear, and viscous.
Aroma – Very lively, fresh agave, acidity leads, sugar follows, tropical fruits, earthiness.
Palate – Peppery attack, agave, followed by vegetal notes, mellows to ‘creamy’ fruit, finishes in mint dryness with coffee and fruit returns.

Colour – Very pale straw.
Aroma – Bright agave fruit, cinnamon, custard, nutmeg and green olives.
Palate – Plums, anise, green olive brine, lively and deep at the same time.

Colour – Very light, pale gold, clean and brilliant.
Aroma – Earthy, ripe agave with dry roundness, slight spice box notes, sweet pine resin, floral, ripe tropical fruits, cooked chili.
Palate – Round fruit play with dry spices, nutmeg hints of caramel, clean, natural, light and broad, not deep, earthiness and subtle oak persist on the finish.

Añejo Single Barrel
Aged 18 months, 24 days, bottled at barrel strength, 54.6% abv.
Colour – Golden color, thick consistency.
Aroma – Rich and creamy, with primarily cocoa, almond and warm citrus notes. Sublte aromas of black olive, toasted oak, and dried fruit.
Palate – Full flavor on the palate. Chocolate, cinnamon, cloves, and a silky creaminess are all reminiscent of tiramisu. Finish is lasting and complex, with herbal notes intermingling with spice – cloves, nutmeg, and pepper.

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