Los Mangos

Los Mangos is 1600m above sea level with brown soil similar to that in Tequila Valley. The rancho is close to Michoacan along the Rio Lerma. Previous to our agave being planted this land grew mangos and cherries. The average sugar content of the agave was 29-30%, the industry average being 26%.

Tasting Notes:

Blanco (Plata)
Colour – Bright, clear, thick on the glass
Aroma – Buttery with fresh lively fruit, pineapple and lemon and herb, anise, cloves and white pepper with green pine.
Palate – Complex balance of sweet and acidity, cooked agave, green grape skin, hints of pineapple, green apple, cloves and uncooked asparagus.

Colour – Very light straw color, bright.
Aroma – Sweetness dominates while being balanced by acidity, hidden oak floats through, olive, cinnamon, lily blossom and marzipan are present.
Palate – Cooked sweet agave led, subtle oak comes and goes, peppermint, a wave of butter, unsweetened caramel continues, bright, fresh vegetal salad finish.

Colour – Very pale copper-like tint, thick with persistent tears/legs.
Aroma – Muted oak and cedar, hints of vanilla, custard, citrus, black and tropical fruit.
Palate – Leads with sharp oak perfume, goes to subtle mescal –like smoke, spiciness and depth, finishes with bitter cacao, sherry and grass.

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