Los Patos

This ranch is adjacent to a pond where ducks, “Los Patos” stop off on their northsouth migrations. It is about 10 km west of the town of Jesus Maria in the direction of Mexico City. The ranch is on a hill that slopes to the west receiving sun in the afternoon. It has the characteristic red soil of the Highlands and is above 2200 meters in altitude. At harvest, the agaves were 7 years old and the average sugar content was 26.29%.

Tasting Notes

Blanco (Plata)
Aroma– bitter orange, green banana, white tea, crisp mineral chalkiness, lemon grass, straw and white peach
Palate– jasmine, peppermint, chamomile, raspberry, avocado creaminess, hazelnut, rosemary and green olives

Aroma – nutmeg, raw artichokes, raw butternut squash, marzipan, stewed rhubarb, low fired clay, frankincense, parchment
Palate – baked red apple, followed by black pepper, dried lavender, magnolia flower, butterscotch, molasses, length is tannic

Aroma – gardenia blossoms, lime zest, guava, anise, milk chocolate, eucalyptus, butter, jasmine, honeysuckle, raw basil, honey dew melon
Palate – clarified butter, earthy minerality, raw corn, raw nopal, salty, green pepper corn, honey in honeycomb, aftertaste of cinnamon

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