Potrero Grande

Potrero Grande means large place to keep horses. It is located in the county of Jesus Maria near Rancho San Agustin where Carlos’ grandfather was born. This was the land of his grandfather. Despite the name ‘large’, the production was relatively small at 16,570 litres and because of the limited amount, this vintage only went to the Mexican market. Carlos has kept some cases in his ‘reference library’.

The land is mostly flat. The fully mature plants were 6 years old, weighed 28 kilos average and had an average brix content of 27%. This rancho in 2000 gave agaves with the exceptional brix content of 37%. These were used to make the tequila for the 70th anniversary of the family business.

Lily Camarena – Carlos’ sister – has a weekend house adjacent to the field. The rancho is surrounded on 3 sides by 3-4 meter high cactus trees.

Tasting Notes

Blanco (Plata)
Aroma – Cotton candy, ham [cured sweet meat], iodine, minerality, stewed red fruit, cilantro, lilac, gardenia, caramelized pineapple, sulky.
Palate – base and understated, round, soft, deep, assertive, maple, canteloupe, lilac, stewed peach, green, avocado creaminess.

Colour – extremely pale and clear for a Reposado with 2 months in barrel.
Aroma – cooked agave perfume, spearmint chewing gum, wet earth, clove, green tobacco, white lily, chalky mineral notes
Palate – grapefruit pith, pink pepper corns, creamy, mint, bitter butterscotch, earthy raw greens

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