La Magueyera

This name derives from the plant the ‘maguey’. It is at 1600 meters, has grey soil and a ‘terroir’ similar –in general- to that of Tequila Valley. The land is slightly sloping from north to south making it south facing, catching the full effects of the sun. There are Guamuchile trees that bear edible fruit. This tree is specific to this location and grows wild in the clay soil.

The agaves were harvested with a brix level of 27-28 %, the average for Los Altos being ,24-25% and 22-23% for Tequila Valley.

Tasting Notes: 

Blanco (Plata)
Colour – Crystal clear and thick tears.
Aroma – Spearmint chewing gum, over-ripe mango, lime zest, nutmeg, white pepper, powdered sugar, iodine, gooseberry, caraway seeds, orange marmalade.
Palate – Ripe tropical fruits in begin, anise, menthol, cereal, pink and green peppercorns, cream soda, arugula, toasted coffee, green Thai papaya, green banana finish.

Colour – Very pale and brilliant.
Aroma – Lily blossom, peach, stewed plums, green tobacco, cotton candy, slight anise, eucalyptus, no oak present.
Palate – Begins with tangerine, lemon grass, notes of bread yeast, anise, black pepper and finishing with roasted pineapple, it’s like a basket of fruit and a bouquet of flowers. There’s a maddening cacao hint-or better yet carob- to the taste that delights.

Colour – Very pale straw color.
Aroma – Crème brûlée, unami, pomegranate, red fruit, hibiscus flowers, acetone, almond, wet cement on a rainy day, Christmas candied fruit, vanilla, hint of cinnamon, heated cooking oil , porcini, dried coriander seed.
Palate – Red stone fruits, BBQ sauce, meaty, slight caramel and wood, wet pine cinders, chocolate, pink pepper corns, vegetal, ‘green’ finish.

Extra Añejo
Colour – Very pale copper tint.
Aroma – Rose petals, orange zest, vanilla, honey, crème caramel, maple, raisins and dates
Palate – super sweet cooked agave goes to white pepper powder, caramel then cacao, burnt orange peel, dried fig and antique wood.

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