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Don Javier Delgado Corona, one of the most beloved figures in the tequila community, passed away this weekend. We had a full newsletter prepared for you this month, featuring our founder Tomas Estes’s Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as all of the global Ocho Margarita Day celebrations. However, we received news of Dan Javier’s passing over the weekend, and instead decided to dedicate this issue of our newsletter to this legendary figure in the industry.

We’ll be raising a glass of tequila tonight in his honor. Scroll down to read more about Don Javier. 
Don Javier
Don Javier in La Capilla bar, making Batangas and using his signature knife to stir the drinks
Photo: Australian Bartender Magazine

To those of you who did not have the chance to meet Don Javier in person, this man was a true-to-life legend in the drinks industry. He started bartending in 1945 and had been running his bar in Tequila Town, La Capilla, for all these years. La Capilla has become an international institution and a must-visit homage for anyone on the Tequila Trail. He is often credited with creating the Batanga (and at very least with popularizing the drink). Most importantly though, Don Javier was a man who exuded love and respect to anyone he met. He was a truly extraordinary person – nearly a saint – who will be sorely missed and never forgotten. Make yourself a Batanga tonight, or just raise a glass of neat tequila to Don Javier.

In the words of our founder, Tomas Estes, “Don Javier for me was the very symbol, the living essence of love by what he did and how he lived. He will live forever having left that legacy. I still have to get used to this new world that has been created by his loss amongst us.

Rest in Peace Don Javier Delgado Corona, you are immortalized by the legacy of love you have shown the world. 
Where We’re Drinking This Month
Photo: Australian Bartender Magazine

At La Capilla Bar, in Tequila, Jalisco

An unassuming bar on an intersection corner in Tequila Town, this bar is largely credited with being the birthplace of the Batanga cocktail. Most importantly, for many years the bar was presided over by its owner, Don Javier Delgado Corona. The physical space itself is humble and unpretentious, and yet there are very few bars in the world – if any – in which you could encounter the level of hospitality provided by Don Javier. On your next visit to Mexico we would highly recommend a visit to La Capilla (which translates to ‘The Chapel’ in English) to pay your respects to this special bar, created by a very special man.

Raising a large glass of tequila to you today Don Javier, 

Team Ocho
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