Las Pomez

Las Pomez is 2055m above sea level with red soil rich in organic materials and iron oxide. The rancho is located in Jesus Maria country 1/2 a mile from Felipe Camarena’s distillery, La Esmeralda. All plants were well over matured at harvest. There are natural acids that form at this point of hyper-ripeness that impart unique and special flavours to the tequila.

Tasting Notes:

Blanco or Plata Colour – Bright and clear with thick ‘tears’. Aroma – Sweet molasses, butterscotch and ripe agave. It opens up to cooked pumpkin and hints of peppermint. Palate – Fresh lively, rounds sweetness, subtle tropical fruits, and some cinnamon. Reposado Colour – Pale straw, thick. Aroma – Sweet agave nectar, rich custard with a slight accent of cinnamon and ripe tropical fruits. Palate – Clean; sweetness balanced with dry notes. Earthy agave with apricots and accents of oak and nutmeg.