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La Magueyera

Hello Ocho Friends,

We have some exciting news for you! Over the next few months, Tequila Ocho 2014 Rancho La Magueyera will be hitting the shores of Europe, North America and Asia. 

Our 2013 Los Fresnos was very well received, and we are pleased to say that La Magueyera was an especially good batch. See below for more information:
Rancho La Magueyera
This name derives from the plant the ‘maguey’, which is simply another name for the agave.

This rancho is within the larger Rancho San Jose that is in the proximity of the settlement of La Rivera which is near the border of Michoacan on the Rio Lerma.
At the time of harvest, November 2013-January 2014, the area was too dangerous to send a team to photograph the rancho. Drug thugs had taken over control of this area and only the jimadores –the harvesters- were allowed in and out with safety since a ‘fee’ had been paid for their protection.  Once the rancho has been harvested it will not be replanted until the violence has been eliminated.
This ranch is in the venerable “Los Altos” de Jalisco. It is by two other ranches, Los Mangos and La Rivera that have been made into Ocho. It is at 1600 meters above sea level, has grey soil and a ‘terroir’ similar –in general- to that of Tequila Valley. The land is slightly sloping from north to south making it south facing, catching the full effects of the sun. There are Guamuchile trees that bear edible fruit. This tree is specific to this location and grows wild in the clay soil.
Las Magueyeras was Carlos Camarena’s grandfather’s land-on his mother’s side. It was the first agave field planted and harvested there by Carlos’ father, Don Felipe.
The Camarenas used to go this land on week-ends to visit the mother’s side of the family, the Curiels. Grandfather Curiel raised bulls for bull fighting and 12 year old Carlos tried his hand, getting a ripped shirt and a sore from belly to head.
This ranch was first planted in agaves in 1963 and was harvested in 69-70 due to the hot climate of this region. This harvest is the second from La Magueyera under Carlos’ control, the third in total. Don Felipe, Carlos’ father allowed him –for the first time-to grow agave on his land. Don Felipe thought the agaves would be low in sugar. They were harvested with a brix level of 27-28 %, the average for Los Altos being 24-25% and 22-23% for Tequila Valley.
For the production of Ocho:
-1029 tons of raw agave were harvested
-144823 liters of Ocho were produced at 40% abv
-55765 liters were put in barrel to age
Appearance- Crystal clear and thick tears
Nose- spearmint chewing gum, over-ripe mango, lime zest, nutmeg, white pepper, powdered sugar, iodine, gooseberry, caraway seeds, orange marmalade.
Palate- ripe tropical fruits in begin, anise, menthol, cereal, pink and green peppercorns, cream soda, arugula, toasted coffee, green Thai papaya, green banana finish.
Appearance- Very pale and brilliant
Nose- lily blossom, peach, stewed plums, green tobacco, cotton candy, slight anise, eucalyptus, no oak present
Palate- begins with tangerine, lemon grass, notes of bread yeast, anise, black pepper and finishing with roasted pineapple
It’s like a basket of fruit and a bouquet of flowers.
There’s a maddening cacao hint-or better yet carob- to the taste that delights

We hope you enjoy La Magueyera when it arrives in your area!

Team Ocho
Tequila Ocho USA


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