Cerrito San Agustin

Cerrito de San Augustin is 2074m above sea level with deep red soil, rich in iron oxide. This rancho is near the municipality of Jesus Maria in Los Altos de Jalisco. The land was leased by the Camarenas for growing agave plants and they will not lease it again meaning it is unlikely we will see a Cerrito de San Augustin vintage in the future.

Tasting Notes

Blanco (Plata)
Colour – Bright and clear.
Aroma – Round, red orchard fruit, banana, olive, sweet and acidity balanced.
Palate – First fruit, citrus, tangerine, then acidity, cinnamon, menthol, pepper, mint and cherry returns with dryness lingering -peppery attack, agave followed by vegetal notes, mellow goes to creamy fruit, finishes in mint dryness with coffee, cacao and fruit returns.

Colour – Pale straw, clean and clear, thick and viscous.
Aroma – A pleasant caramel-vanilla sweetness punctuated by spearmint, aniseed, and poached pear notes.
Palate – Round and vegetal, with tobacco, juniper, and pine notes intermingling on the mid-palate. The toffee-like sweetness is balanced by white pepper spice. Notes of honey, fresh peaches and almonds (marzipan) also come through. The finish is lasting and on the spicy side: white pepper remains, with hints of roast red pepper and grilled nopal (cactus) peeking through.

Colour – Very pale straw brilliance, soft, thick and viscous.
Aroma – Notes of lavender, orange marmalade, caramel, maple and oak with natural iodine acidity.
Palate – Subtle oak with dry fruit, leads to pepper and citrus, finishes dry, elegant with maple and coffee tones.

Extra Añejo
Colour – Pale golden.
Aroma – Cinnamon, peach, pear, pineapple, black pepper and pastry frosting with perfumed acidity.
Palate – Leads with dry, cognac -like perfume, austere fruit, clove, cinnamon, barn, goes to violets and jujube ending in toffee, cacao and roasted coffee bean, sensations alternate between sweet and dry as is typical of Tequila Ocho.

Extra Añejo, Single Barrel
40 months and 11 days of ageing, 54.6 alcohol by volume, 4 barrels in total. Pale old product, very light in color for its time in barrel.
Colour – Thick consistency.
Aroma – Very little oak influence, complex and balanced considering the high alcohol by volume, choco cherry, cedar, red raisins, tiramisu, perfume dry and sharp, tutti-frutti, anise, green volatile notes.
Palate – Chocolate cheese cake, trail mix bar, nutty and raisin, burnt vanilla.

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