EI Puertecito

El Puerticito is 2150m above sea level – the highest elevation agave field owned by the Camarenas. At the beginning of harvesting around 25% of the original plants were already over matured and decayed. The extreme maturity of these agave leads to an extremely high sugar and acidity content. The field is orientated South-East so that it receives most of the daily sunlight, even throughout winter. The North and West edges of the field are surrounded by oak and cedar trees which prevent the agave from becoming too hot during the summer.

Tasting Notes

Blanco (Plata)
Colour – Crystal clear, showing thickness of ‘legs’ and slow rivers of ‘tears’ on the side of the glass.
Aroma – Olive oil, cantaloupe, lily flower, white and black pepper, slight cedar hints, beef jerky and fennel.
Palate – Root Beer, spearmint, anise, chestnut and butterscotch, smoke, raw almond and blunt radish.

Colour – Very pale slight straw tint with very thick tears [viscosity].
Aroma – Dry vanilla extract, egg yolk, custard and almonds.
Palate – Butterscotch, banana, overripe lily flowers and cut grass.

Colour – Pale golden.
Aroma – Biscuit, roasted chestnuts, grapefruit, caramel, marzipan, butterscotch, anise and orange zest.
Palate – Raw almonds, cacao, grilled capsicum, stewed fruit, oak, finishing with cooked greens.

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