EI Refugio

El Refugio is 2055m above sea level with red oxide earth with many undulating contours. This rancho is located not far from the distillery where Ocho is made, La Alteña. The high elevation along with the local climate makes for agaves with a very high sugar content.

Tasting Notes

Blanco (Plata)
Colour – Bright and clear, very light.
Aroma – Pomegranate, guava, tutti-frutti, grapefruit, peppermint and green olive brine.
Palate – Leads with sweet agave, spiciness, goes dry with grapefruit, returns to tropical fruit and on to spearmint.

Colour – Very light and pale to the eye.
Aroma – Evergreen mint, pine, dry hay, cooked yams, oatmeal and finishing with mandarin blossom.
Palate – Hint of oak, subtle accents of brown sugar, orange spice, cinnamon, red orchard fruit, white pepper, ending with cut grass.

Colour – Pale amber.
Aroma – Toffee, caramel, red fruits, cedar, pencil shavings and lead.
Palate – Toffee, coffee cake, caramel, green olive brine, red fruits.

Extra Añejo
Colour – Very pale for a 3 year old aged tequila, golden straw color with a slight green tint.
Aroma – Peach, cotton candy, perfumed acetone, honey, earth, graphite, slight note of cedar, rose, floral hops, olive brine and molasses.
Palate – Crème caramel, cacao, coffee, peach, iodine and toffee.

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