EI Vergel

El Vergel is 2000m above sea level with very red soil rich in iron oxide. Ours was the first crop of agave ever grown on this land which previously grew limes and peaches.

Tasting Notes

Colour – Pale amber, bright, clean and clear, thick consistency.
Aroma – Yeast, sugar frosting and cinnamon like smelling inside a bakery. Notes of cooked agave and pear, fruity, herbal and slightly oaky with some smoke, tapenade.
Palate – Very good body, oily, spicy with a persistent taste of cooked agave, notes of vanilla, cinnamon and cloves, very fruity finish which lingers, only a hint of oak.

Colour – This Añejo has a light clear brilliance.
Aroma – We detect wood with dried fruits and powdered sugar along with hints of cinnamon, orange peel, plum and caramel.
Palate – This Añejo is thick and smooth. It initially opens up to cinnamon, brown sugar, apricots and toasted almonds. In the middle comes some plum, lavender and black olives. This complex tequila finishes with coffee and cacao accents.

Extra Añejo
Colour – Pale amber, thick consistency.
Aroma – Fine, dry agave alternates with round, sweet fruitiness and delicate vanilla with olive brine acidity.
Palate – Agave fruit led, layered with toffee, almonds, brioche, raisins, treacle, coffee and cacao with side accents of both American and French oak.

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