Los Nopales

The rancho “Los Nopales” at 2070 meters altitude, belonged to Carlos Camarena’s grandfather, Don Felipe Camarena.

It is surrounded by other agave fields, however, on its east side there are wild prickle pear cactuses forming a fence, hence the name “Los Nopales”. The average sugar content was 27.5 % and the age of the plants was 6 years and 9 months at harvest. This is the first time in 35 years this land was used to grow agave.

Tasting Notes

Blanco (Plata)
Aroma – pineapple, green banana, orange blossom, sea pool minerality, chamomile blossoms, marzipan, freshly cut grass, river stone minerality
Palate  – sweet yellow fruit complexity, spearmint, cut grass, earthy, chamomile, flan caramel

Aroma – bright, lively, clove, cardamom, cinnamon, wintergreen, sand, cooked squash, heavy cream
Palate  – almond, biscuit, creamy, slight old oak, almond, artichoke, cajeta, mocha, fresh lettuce in the aftertaste

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