Puerta del Aire

About 3 kms northeast from La Alteña, this field has oak and cedar trees growing both inside and at the sides of the field. The land is a gentle slope of red soil oriented north, going from 2,118 to 2,095 meters above sea level. The agave was 7 years old, with an average weight of 42 kgs (some piñas above 100kgs) and 26% sugar content.

Tasting Notes

Blanco (Plata)
Aroma – Menthol, lily, banana skin, cooked turkey, cooking oil brought to a high heat, raw asparagus, round spices, cinnamon, rose water, chalk and calcium.
Palate – Molasses, brown sugar, coffee, cacao, pink pepper, white rum and basil.

Aroma – Kaffir lime leaf, pine, lime zest, almond/peach kernel, creamy vanilla, green olive salinity/brine.
Palate – Freshly cut grass, eucalyptus/menthol, green pear, hazelnut mid-palate moves into a burnt cacao, with caramel and toffee lingering through a mildly spicy finish.

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