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Ocho Anejo listed in World’s Top Sipping Tequilas… again!

This month, some of Ocho’s fields had a bout of snow, as seen in the photo above… Needless to say, this is quite an unusual occurrence in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Although some of the plants might die off from the cold (especially younger ones), we believe the ones that survive this ‘stress’ will yield more sugar and more complex flavor profiles. So make sure to pay attention to the taste profiles of Ocho’s field releases in upcoming years!
In the press

James Estes, Ocho Ambassador for the Middle East, and Tequila Ocho were featured in Emirates Travel + Leisure magazine this month. Read more here.
Ocho Añejo is once again featured on Drink Me magazine’s Best Sipping Tequilas.
We’ll drink to that!
Ocho around the world

Ocho Master Distiller Carlos Camarena visited London earlier this month, his trip included a London Session at El Nivel. See more about the London Sessions here.
Where we’re drinking this month…
Barking Dog, in Copenhagen.
There are a limited number of true bastions of agave spirits across the world, and Barking Dog has undoubtedly achieved that status in the Nordics. This friendly, cosy neighbourhood bar is not to be missed if you are planning a visit to CPH anytime soon.
What we’re drinking this month…
… A La Bamba cocktail, at the Rieger Hotel, Kansas City
Even though it’s officially spring, we wanted a cocktail that could be both warming and refreshing. This tantalizing mix of Tequila Ocho Plata, Ancho Reyes chilli liqueur, almond milk, chocolate mole & No.22 orange-mole bitters was just what we needed!
Tequila fact of the month
You may have heard talk of a new proposed piece of legislation concerning agave spirits called NOM199. This law would regulate the use of certain key words, namely agave and maguey, prohibiting agave spirits producers whose distillates do not fall under current Denominations of Origin (eg tequila, mezcal) from using these words on the label, forcing them instead to call their products Komil (a Náhuatl (Aztec) generic term referring to alcoholic beverages, which essentially translates to ‘booze’). The label above is an example of a product which would be affected under these proposed changes.

This law would have many repercussions and has opened up a hot debate about the potential harm it could cause. Here are a few well-written articles on this topic that we’ve selected for you, should you want to learn more:

Mezcalistas – three things you need to know about NOM199
Experience Mezcal – The latest affront to traditional mezcal
Tequila Interchange Project – sign the petition opposing NOM199

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