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May saw Ocho joining people in celebrations of Cinco de Mayo across the world. We’ve rounded up a few of the events below. And Breaking Bad fans, make sure you see our ‘What we’re drinking’ section below!
‘Ocho’ de Mayo:

Ocho visited Stockholm for Cinco de Mayo, including a masterclass during the day and a guest bartending shift with Ocho Ambassador Jesse Estes at the Corner Club in the evening, with a bespoke Tequila Ocho-based cocktail menu. 
In London, Quo Vadis celebrated with Mariachis and a delicious selection of Ocho cocktails. Click here to see the cocktail menu from the party.
Juuls Vin & Spiritus in Copenhagen also celebrated in style, selecting Ocho among their line up of agave spirits to enjoy that evening.  
Wholefoods got involved too, with a tasting of the whole Ocho range and Margarita sampling in their stores. 
In other news…

This month saw Ocho travel to Milan for the Agave Experience 2015. Over 1000 agave spirits fans from all over Italy joined us for the day to experience all the agave has to offer. 
What better time to launch Ocho in Portugal than during the Lisbon Bar Show? The LBS saw bar stars from around the world present on a variety of topics, including Ocho founder Tomas Estes presenting about agave spirits.
In the press… 
“Foodies calling the shots as sales of tequila soar”

Tequila Ocho gets a mention this month in the Times!

Click here for full article.
What we’re drinking this month…
The Heisenberg

This cocktail takes its influence from the infamous “blue meth” from the television series Breaking Bad. It is a twist on the Tommy’s Margarita with Ocho Blanco tequila, “blue” falernum, lime and agave — served with a side of blue salt in a baggie. Created by and served at London Cocktail Club.

Click here to see more.
Video of the month
This month’s video is an oldie but a goodie – Tequila World & Phil Bayly interview Tomas Estes about his tequila Curado. Click here to find out more. 

Stay well & sipping good tequila, 

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