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With Alba at The Pastry War, Houston, TX
With Alba at The Pastry War, Houston, TX

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In Pastry War the new bar of Bobby Heugel and Alba Huerta , Bobby tells me that guests are already becoming aware of different types of tequila on the list and equally of mezcal. Guests are daring to go to new brands. This is a result of the culture in Pastry War.

The staff, that are well educated and impassioned talk about the products they offer, encourage the guests to try new products, they offer small tastes to try before ordering to help the guests. Others use Mexican spirits to apply to modern cocktailing (cocktaileria) while PW keeps more to the drinking traditions from Mexico and shares this with its guests.

Bobby talks about “bar culture”-more about style of service, how drinks are served – as opposed to “cocktail culture”- how a drink is made. Working to break the mould, the menu is set by varietal with mezcal coming first and tequila second so the attention is drawn to new experiences.

They are working on a “Captain’s List”, “Lista de Capitan” which will be an agave spirits reference with maps, sorted by varietal, details of production processes for each brand served and commentary by bartenders and tequila experts.

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