La Coruña

La Coruña makes reference to a province in Spain, supposedly the origin of the Gutierrez family, one of whom married Ms. Carmen Lucia Camarena, younger sister of Don Felipe Camarena Orozco.

It is situated at 20°38’47.30 N, 102°16’25.60 O, at an elevation that goes from 2,060m in its lowest part up to 2,075m above sea level at the highest point. The field is inclined towards the South, therefore the agave rows were planted in an East-West direction. This makes some of the agaves shadow others early in the morning and at dawn. The field is very rocky, surrounded by oak trees to the North & East, while on the West there are pine and fruit trees planted (citrus, avocados, apples & pears). The aroma of the pines and the flowers of these trees impart an influence on the agave grown there.

At the moment of harvesting, the agaves were reaching 6 years old. The average sugar content was 31.2%, while the average weight of the piñas was only 15.7kgs due to the amount of rocks below the agaves (which makes it difficult for the rooting system to go deep) and the shadow of the trees on its E-W sides.

Tasting Notes

Blanco [Plata]
Aroma – Cooked agave, honey, fermenting agave juice, plum eau de vie, smoked meat and hints of chamomile.
Palate – Honey sweetness, radish vegetal notes, strong minerality, cacao nibs, green olive, grapefruit zest with undertones of strawberry and red fruits.

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