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The Production Process

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‘Jima’ Harvest

The attention to making the finest tequila possible starts in the agave fields. The plants grow in a healthy environment and are not harvested until each is over-ripe. A fully ripe agave will have a higher sugar content and acidity than those harvested earlier. This is the foundation for Ocho’s concentrated, complex flavor profiles.

When the agave reaches maturity, after 7 to 10 years of growth, the ‘jimadores’ (harvesters), along with their tool called ‘coa’ (sharp cutter), are responsible for cutting the leaves in order to get the heart of the plant or ‘piña’ (pineapple) and take it to the distillery for processing and producing tequila.


Tequila Ocho values using traditional methods which keep the production process as natural and artisanal as possible. For that reason, only brick ovens are used. Slow cooking helps to obtain agave juice with plenty of sweetness. The ‘piñas’ are cooked (around 80-85 degrees Celsius) for 48 hours and sit in the oven for an additional 24 hours for cooling. The juice that results from the first 8 hours cooking is removed and discarded since it can contain bitterness. (Total 72 hours in oven).


The cooked Agave is transferred from the ovens to the mill, where the agave is squeezed to separate the juices from the fibers. The juices are mixed with mineral rich water that comes forth from a natural spring at the distillery.


Fermentation takes place in small (3,000 liter capacity) wooden vats made of pine. Proprietary, indigenous, natural yeast is used. The open vats allow airborne yeast and bacteria to freely mix with the must. Fermentation lasts between 4-5 days (96-120 hours), depending on the weather.


The double distillation process is performed first in a stainless steel pot still of 3,500 liter capacity and then in a copper pot still of 300 liter capacity. This is done slowly at a low temperature allowing a generous cut of heads and tails to remain in the distillate. It is in these heads and tails where much of the flavor resides. The copper material of the second still imparts a special mouth feel and flavor to the tequila.


Tequila Ocho ages in 200 liter American Oak barrels, previously used for ageing American Whiskey. Tequila Ocho uses barrels of many previous fillings -which have become ‘neutralized’- for the minimum time allowed by law to retain as much agave essence as possible.


Tequila Ocho is not chill filtered to retain maximum flavor.

The labeling is done by hand, with the same care and attention that is evidenced in every other step along the way. This is another example of the personal dedication to creating a tequila in which the human element is most important.

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