July 2020 Newsletter

July 2020 Newsletter

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Backvintage Tequila Ocho tasting on Tequila Day by Erik Moran (credit – @erik_moran) 
What a blast we had on National Tequila Day!
(Although every day is tequila day for us 😉 

Thanks to everyone who included Ocho in their festivities around the world, we really enjoyed seeing everybody celebrating with Ocho. Click here to see more.

We are also very excited to share that Tequila Ocho Plata topped the tequila charts in the Ultimate Spirits Challenge, receiving a whopping 96 points, as well as receiving the Chairman’s Trophy! Scroll down to read more.

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Ultimate Spirit Challenge

We are proud to share that in the recent Ultimate Spirits Challenge, Tequila Ocho Plata received a chart-topping 96 points, along with a Chairman’s Trophy and Top 100 overall spirits, and that Ocho Añejo scored 93 points.
Click here to see full results.
Ocho in the Press
Photo credit: @the_tequila_wanderer

Ocho was also featured in Forbes’ “The Best Tequila Food Pairings To Try Right Now”


“All Tequila Ochos are single estate, produced in the highlands of Jalisco. ‘Terroir’ is the French term used to describe the natural elements that influence the grapes being grown for wine production. These elements include soil composition, altitude, temperature, and more.” Soglanich says. “Being single estate and using traditional additive-free production methods, elements of each Tequila Ocho release can be attributed to the specific rancho (estate) where the agave was grown. Los Patos ranch is adjacent to a pond where ducks (the los patos) stop on their north­­–south migrations. The Tequila Ocho Los Patos Reposado ($44) carries spicy floral aromas and a taste profile with earthy, fruity, and caramel notes. Pair it with pan-seared sweet chili shrimp. The subtle notes of the reposado pair wonderfully with sweet chili shrimp—for a sweet and spicy combo.”

Big thanks to Nic Soglanich AKA The Tequila Wanderer for including Ocho!

Tequila Ocho featured in BarChick’s “20 Tequila & Mezcal Bottles You Need in Your Booze Cabinet”
Click here to read full article.

Ocho featured in Forbes’ “18 of the Best Tequilas to Try Right Now”

“Carlos Camerena and Tomas Estes make up the genius team behind Tequila Ocho,” Bailon says. “For those who approach agave as they do wine, this is the must-try brand. They feature single terroir agave in such a sincere way, switching plots every batch. Although I love the hints of macadamia nut in the 2019 El Bajío, I really fell in love with the Las Pomez. It’s the tropical fruit and pomelo combination that hooked me on this specific brand which carried into what I love about this brand as a whole. It brings back respect to the roots.”

Thanks Janice Bailon for the stellar recommendation!
Ocho Birthday

On 8/8 (August 8th) we will be celebrating our 12th Birthday! Watch our Facebook and Instagram pages for more information on how to take part in a bar near you, or virtually via Zoom.
Paloma Kits (UK)

If you live in the UK, don’t forget we have partnered with 11 venues across the country with our Paloma Kits — if you buy a bottle of Ocho Blanco you’ll get 2 Ocho highball glasses and 3 bottles of Three Cents Grapefruit Soda along with it (while stocks last). 

The Sun Tavern
Cafe Pacifico
Bunny Jacksons
Southside Tequila Joint
The Burnt Barrel
The Red Lion And Sun
Neon Cactus
Ojo Rojo
Fallow Restaurant
Wolf at the Door
Bull in a China Shop

What We’re Drinking This Month

Wow, this month has been a scorcher (in the Northern hemisphere at least)! We’ve found that sometimes the simplest drinks are also the tastiest. This month we’re drinking Ocho Highballs (AKA Tequila & Sodas). 

50ml of your Tequila Ocho of choice (we prefer Plata/Blanco in our Highballs)
120ml (or to taste) of your favorite soda water (Topo Chico is our go-to)

Add all ingredients to highball glass over cubed ice, stir well and optional garnish of a slime of lime or lemon. 


Video of the Month

Missed our #OchoSeries videos? Watch them all here!

Until next month, stay well & sipping good tequila, 

Team Ocho
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