El Pastizal

For generations this field was used as grassland to feed cattle, hence the name, which translates to “pasture”. This is the first time ever that agave has been planted and harvested on this field.
At an average of 2,037 meters above sea level, the rancho slopes gently southeast, with plenty of old cedar and oak trees in & around the field. The soil is characteristic of the Highlands with red iron oxide and clay, immensely rich and great for growing agave. *DEFINIDO POR S&S EN FEB 2021.

Tasting Notes


Nose: Tropical fruits, pineapple, tamarind and intense cooked agave aroma. Brown sugar and red fruits such as plums and blackberries.

Palate: Apple peel, ripe pineapple, cooked agave, nuts, black pepper and green olives. Slightly earthy.


Nose: Tamarind, green pineapple, intense cooked agave aroma, fresh grass, green olives, coriander, black pepper and lime juice. Slight notes of caramel and cinnamon.

Palate: Orange peel, black pepper, seasoned oak and mineral. Grilled pineapple, cooked agave, very smooth and well balanced.