La Ladera

La Ladera (Spanish for “The Hillside”) faces West and has an average 8% slope. This rancho has a total area of 86 acre with an altitude between 2,100 to 2,150 meters above sea level.

The land is a rocky slope with a shallow red mineral soil and low to medium fertility. Due to such conditions, the agave plants have relatively low average weight. Nevertheless, the sugar level is high, above 30% of the total weight, due to the stressful conditions in which the plant grows during its full life cycle.

Tasting Notes


Nose: Anise, roasted pineapple and pink grapefruit. Citric and sweet, acidic apple and quince paste. Light notes of vanilla and cinnamon.

Palate: Orange peel, pink pepper, mineral and earthy, slightly smoky.


Nose: Grilled pineapple, black pepper, green notes like celery and peppermint. Green guava, wet soil, and salted caramel.

Palate: Orange peel, earthy notes, black pepper, roasted almonds and very mineral.