La Laja

Rancho ‘La Laja’ is named after a type of flat stone found in abundance in this field. This is the first time that this 5 hectare (10 acres) rocky, treeless field has been used to cultivate agave instead of growing grass and feeding cattle.

It is located about 2km east of La Alteña Distillery and its altitude ranges from 2070 meters to 2097 meters above sea level with a south orientation. Only the ripe agaves were selected at the time with about 40% of the plants not fully mature. These plants have been left for a second harvest by the end of 2020.

The harvest took place in October and so this is considered an early harvest (right after the rainy season).

Tasting Notes

Blanco [Plata]
Aroma – Cajeta, caramel, cooked agave, subtle pepper notes, anise and celery. Herbal notes like rosemary and peppermint. Pineapple in syrup, molasses, leather and slightly mineral
Palate – Oregano, pink pepper, olives. Very mineral. Cooked agave, slightly smoky and dry fruits

Aroma – Fresh and citric aroma. Pineapple and caramel notes. Very fruity and aromatic. Slightly peppery and some vanilla
Palate – Fresh wood, green olives, rosemary, orange peel. Toffee and mineral. Sweet to the palate

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