Los Alambiques

Bienvenidos to Los Alambiques, the official home of Tequila Ocho, situated on a hill overlooking the heart of Arandas in the Highlands of Jalisco. In addition to our distillery, Los Alambiques also houses La Cantina de Don Tomas and a culinary experience with our very own restaurant, Ocho Agaves.


Located ~3 miles north of Lake Chapala, Corralillos sits outside of the Highlands at 5,100 feet, the lowest altitude ever used for Ocho. Specifically chosen to explore different terroir, Corralillos is mainly flat with clayish soil, where the agave thrived in full sunlight between cattle pastures and corn fields.

Plata Aroma: Fresh and citric with ripe pinapple and lemon juice.
Palate: Silky and smooth with green tea, honey and orange peel. Reposado Aroma: Sweet with hints of fresh oak and roasted pear.
Palate: Cooked agave, citric fruit peel and a long rosemary finish.

Potrero Grande

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Potrero Grande, roughly translated to big area dedicated to the raising of horses, is a field close to San Agustin, the ex-hacienda of the Camarena family. The terrain is mostly flat without rocks, but rich in deep, red soil. This harvest yielded fully mature agaves with an average piña weight of 90 pounds and a high sugar content.

Plata Aroma: Fresh and citric with green apples, tamarind and lime juice.
Palate: Light smoke and earthy notes like rosemary and flowers with a silky mouthfeel. Reposado Aroma: Hints of maple, lemon juice, honey and light agave.
Palate: Sweet and silky with mint, lemon tea, and cooked agave.

San Jerónimo

Five miles outside of Arandas you will find San Jerónimo, a hilly and rocky field with rich red soil. With terrain typical of the Highlands, this field is used exclusively for growing agave as they thrive in full sunlight. At the time of harvest, around 1,200 tons of overripe agave were obtained, with piñas reaching 80 pounds and a 32% sugar content.

Plata Aroma: Floral notes of jasmine and lavender, green apple and thyme.
Palate: Rich with cinnamon and rosemary, slightly smoky and a cooked agave finish. Reposado Aroma: Sweet and fruit-forward notes of peaches and molasses. Slightly citric.
Palate: Cooked agave, ripe figs, and earthy notes with a light salty finish.

Mesa Colorada

Mesa Colorada (Red Table) is a flat field locatop atop a hill 6,225 ft above sea level in the Highlands of Jalisco. While its name is a reference to the rich, red soil native to these lands, Mesa Colorada is also surrounded by volcanic gray clay, adding to its terroir. Agave piñas harvested here averaged 33 pounds with a high sugar content of 31%.

Plata aroma: Cucumber, celery, cooked agave, lavender, orange peel.
Palate: Agave, black pepper, fresh herbs, and dry fruits. Reposado Aroma: Roasted peanuts, wood and smoke.
Palate: Slightly smoky with fresh herbs, ginger, and minerality on the finish.

La Estancia

Located in San Diego de Alejandria, La Estancia (The Stay) is a hilly 17-acre field located 6,095 ft above sea level. Its terrain is known more for its gray soil as a result of its calcium-rich limestone and organic matter, resulting in piñas weighing an average of 50 pounds and a higher-than-average sugar content.

Plata aroma: Pineapple, lemon tea, and cardamom with hints of anise.
Palate: Cooked agave, lime peel, and dry fruits with a long finish. Reposado Aroma:Rosemary, thyme, black pepper, peppermint. Cooked agave and sweet potato, ripe fruits, brown sugar and honey
Palate: Cinamon, tamarind, subtle smoke, olive oil, roasted peanits, black pepper and bell peppers.

Cerro del Gallo

Sitting at 6,807 ft above sea level across from Los Alambiques is Cerro del Gallo, home to more than 36 thousand agave plants. Sloping gently towards the south, Cerro del Gallo has rich, red soil full of iron and potassium. Agave plants harvested here had above a 28% sugar content, resulting in tequila with fresh, fruity notes.

Plata aroma: Fresh basil, mint, and green apple.
Palate: Orange peel, sea salt, green notes. Reposado Aroma: Celery, lavender, anise and pomelo peel.
Palate: Floral, cooked agave, honey, and light coffee notes.

El Nacimiento

El Nacimiento (The Birthplace) gets its name from the natural spring where the water flows, or "gives birth," to the Agua Nueva River. Located in the center of the Golden Triangle of Agave, it is the largest field of Master Distiller Carlos Camarena. Agave harvested here were fully mature with a 30% sugar content.

Plata Aroma: Green apple, pear, bitter orange, white pepper.
Palate: Grilled pineapple, rosemary, celery, and lime peel. Reposado Aroma: Cooked agave, caramel, rosemary, orange peel.
Palate: Cooked agave, orange peel, nut praline, rosemary. Añejo Aroma: Paprika, cinnamon, lots of spices, pumpkin, grilled pineapple, black tea. Fresh and tangerine peel, pumpkin seeds.
Palate: Cinnamon, maple syrup, roasted almonds, figs. Then red bell pepper, dry chiles, spices.

La Cañada

Just a short drive northeast of La Alteña Distillery is La Cañada (The Creek), aptly named from the creek located on the eastern border which only carries water during rainy season. Amongst the rich, red soil, you will find a multitude of small flat rocks and both cedar ash and oak trees at its sides.

Plata aroma: Fresh and citric, green guava, strawberry, and rosemary.
Palate: Pine pepper, orange peel, anise, and peppermint. Reposado Aroma: Green apple, white pepper, anise, cardamon, rosemary, fresh herbs, light caramel.
Palate: Slightly smoky. Roasted peanuts, black pepper, hints of cinnamon and coffee. Añejo Aroma: Sea salt, milk chocolate, coconut, vanilla, caramelized nuts, cherries, anise, cinnamon and hints of pepper.
Palate: Spices, earthy, dry wood, peppery and smoke notes. Orange peel and dark chocolate.

La Mula

La Mula (The Mule) is part of the original ranch of Don Felipe Camarena. With an elevation of 6,800 ft, the land is almost flat with no other trees or vegetation growing. The agave were originally planted north-south direction to receive full sun exposure, resulting in piñas with a magnificent sugar content making up 30% of its weight.

Plata Aroma: Fruity with notes of sweet potato, peaches, and grilled apples.
Palate: Sweet tropical notes, cooked agave and overripe peaches. Reposado Aroma: Coffee, roasted almonds, candied nuts, light notes of vanilla and green pineapple.
Palate: Sweet, dry fruits, fresh oak, cooked agave. Very silky and smooth. Añejo Aroma: Nutmeg, pine nuts, praline, bitter chocolate, cinnamon, cooked agave, cooked red apples, cardamom, chai tea.
Palate: Red apples, lots of cooked agave, fresh ginger, sea salt and light black pepper.

El Tigre

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Southwest of Arandas in Atotonilco is El Tigre (The Tiger), a field known for its colorful bougainvillea plants by the main road and its towering oak and cedar trees towards the south. Piñas harvested here were small but sweet with a 33% sugar content . El Tigre was also the first field to be produced at Los Alambiques.

Plata aroma: Mineral notes with black pepper, parsley and wheat.
Palate: Slightly dry with white pepper, grapefruit peel, dry chiles and a light smokiness. Reposado
aroma: Sweet with citric notes and a light smokiness.
Palate: Cooked agave with black pepper, rosemary, fresh oak, and wheat

El Pedregal

El Pedregal (piece of rocky land) is formed by two rocky hillsides forming a 'V' shape with a small river running between them. At a 6,700 ft elevation, El Pedregal is southeast of La Alteña Distillery

Plata Notes: Herbaceous with parsley, sea salt, grilled pear, and kale.
Palate: Smooth and sweet earthy notes of cooked agave with dry fruits, and tamarind.

La Ladera

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Facing west, La Ladera (The Hillside) is an 86-acre field with a 7,000 ft. elevation. The land is a rocky slope with shallow red mineral soil. Due to its terroir, agave plants harvested here have a below-average weight, however, the sugar content maintains high resulting in sweet notes.

Plata Notes: Citric and sweet with light notes of vanilla and cinnamon.
Palate: Earthy with notes of orange peel, and pink pepper. Reposado Notes: Salted caramel, green guava, celery and peppermint. Añejo Aroma: Artichoke, toasted sesame seeds, dry fruits, orange peel, green pineapple. Earthy and mineral.
Palate: Anise, toasted oak, intense coffee, orange peel, black pepper and peppermint.

El Pastizal

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Previously, El Pastizal was used as a grassland to feed cattle, thus where its name originated. The land here is full of rich, red soil and organic material due to its usage as a pasture for cattle. In 2021, it was the second time agave had ever been harvested from this field.

Plata aroma: Intense cooked agave, brown sugar, and tropical fruits.
Palate: Cooked agave, apple peel, black pepper, and green olives. Reposado aroma: Intense cooked agave, fresh grass, and a hint of caramel.
Palate: Smooth with notes of seasoned oak, orange peel, and cooked agave.

La Loma

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In the center of the Golden Triangle of Agave is La Loma (The Hill), a 25-acre field that gently slopes east. Agave planted here are oriented north to south to receive optimal sun exposure. Piñas harvested here were fully mature , exhibiting a higher-than-average sugar content of 31.2%.

Plata aroma: Green leaves like eucalyptus and mint. Slighty smoky.
Palate: Green banana and roasted corn. Balance and round finish. Reposado aroma: Herbal notes with raw agave, orange peel, and apricot.
Palate: Sweet, intense cooked agave, vanilla, chocolate. Demi sec finish. Añejo Aroma: Fresh and citric, pineapple, celery and parsley. Cardamom, pepper and spices. Cooked agave, smoky notes, earthy and mineral.
Palate: Sweet and smoky, white pepper, cardamom, toasted oak and fresh wood. Herbaceous and very mineral.

Cerro Grande

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Named after the Cerro Grande mountain range, this field has the highest elevation (7,500 ft) of any field Ocho has harvested from. Old cedar and oak trees grow around the land in soil maintaining its rich, red characteristic with slightly more acidity. At the time of harvest, enough piñas were cut to produce 83,500 liters of tequila!

Plata aroma: Cooked agave, lemon zest, celery, and sugar cane.
Palate: Earthy, black pepper, dried chili. Demi sec and slightly salty. Reposado aroma: Crisp, peppery, citric, and fresh coriander.
Palate: Herbaceous with a subtle smokiness that rounds the palate. Añejo Aroma: Roasted pineapple, very citric, tangerine and lemon juice. Green apple, lilies, cooked agave and sweet oak notes.
Palate: Fresh oak, pineapple, anise, orange peel. Round and full of flavor, nice citric and oak balance.

La Laja

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La Laja is a treeless field appropriately named after the type of flat stone found here. Facing south, it was cultivated for the first time in 2019, as it was previously used to grow grass to feed cattle. Tequila produced from this field is sweet on the palate with cooked agave and a slight smokiness.

Plata aroma: Cooked agave, caramel, and leather with subtle pepper notes.
Palate: Slightly smoky with notes of cooked agave, minerality, and pink pepper. Reposado aroma: Fresh and citric with slight pepper and some vanilla.
Palate: Sweet toffee, fresh wood, green olives, and rosemary. Añejo Aroma: Almonds and pecan nuts, fresh oak, caramel. Herbal notes like rosemary and pepper. Green apples and lemon drops.
Palate: Oak, dry fruits, roasted coffee, black pepper and orange peel. Salty caramel, rosemary and oregano. Long and complex finish. Extra Añejo Aroma: Apple juice, grapes, cantaloupe, strawberries, fresh wood, flan, roasted nuts and honey. It is a very fruity and aromatic tequila.
Palate: Cooked agave, honey, oak, hazelnuts, candied nuts and lots of caramel. Slightly dry and very smooth.

La Coruña

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Named after a province in Spain after the marriage of Ms. Carmen Lucia Camarena, the younger sister of Don Felipe Camarena, La Coruña is a very rocky field surrounded by oak, pine and fruit trees. The aroma of the flowering trees impart an influence on the agave grown there, resulting in tequila with zesty undertones and sweetness.

Plata Aroma: Cooked agave with honey and hints of chamomile.
Palate: Strong minerality with undertones of strawberry and red fruits.

El Bajío

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Located in Jesús María County, El Bajío refers to the land located in the lower part of the valley, with gentle slopes north to south. The harvest took place in 2018, where agaves reached full maturity between 6-7 years old. Apricots, green apple, orange blossom and stone fruit are just some of the notable flavors to experience.

Plata Aroma: Orange, butterscotch, and green apple.
Palate: Marzipan, vanilla, salted caramel, and roasted almonds. Reposado Aroma: Apricot, grapefruit zest, and orange blossom.
Palate: Coffee, white pepper, bitter almond and toffee. Añejo Aroma: Sweet notes of red fruits with slight acidity.
Palate: Slightly salty with minerality. Demi sec long finish. Extra Añejo Aroma: Cherries, red fruits, slightly acidic, oak, cinnamon and spices.
Palate: Sweet, spices, toasted oak, anise, nuts, almonds, herbaceous, black pepper and slightly mineral.

Las Presas

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Once belonging to Carlos Camarena’s great-grandfather, Las Presas (the dams) sits at an altitude of 7,100 feet with rows of agave oriented north to south. The field was harvested in 2018 and produced tequila with citrus notes of ripe mandarin and burnt orange zest.

Plata Aroma: Clove, cardamom, ripe pineapple and violet flowers.
Palate: Sweet with guava and ripe mandarin. White pepper and cooked artichoke. Reposado Aroma: Toasted coconut, allspice and hazelnut.
Palate: Tannic with notes of leather, burnt orange zest and white pepper. Añejo Aroma: Citruz zest, ripe mango, black tea and butter cream.
Palate: Sweet with notes of ripe kiwi and green gapes. Minerality. Extra Añejo Aroma: Cherries, anise, dark chocolate, sherry, oak and plantain, coffee beans, and red fruit compote.
Palate: Oak, anise, dry fruits such as almonds and pine nuts, cherries, toffee, black pepper and cinnamon. Well balanced.

El Vergel

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Southwest of Arandas you will find El Vergel (the orchard), a field that was once thought unsuitable for agave growing due to the climate. With an altitude of ~6,500 feet and rich in iron-filled soil, we're proud to say agave was harvested from this field in 2007 and 2018, producing tequila with bright, clean notes.

Aroma: Sweet with poached pear, apple compote, tangerine, and cooked agave.
Palate: Herbaceous with a long finish of cherry, tannins and a chewy toffee mouth feel. Reposado
From 2007:
Aroma: Cooked agave with fruity notes and slight oak.
Palate: Good body with notes of vanilla, cinnamon and cloves.
From 2018:
Aroma: Cooked agave, pears, and acidic notes.
Palate: Minerality with black pepper, jalapeño and orange peel. Añejo
From 2007:
Aroma: Druied fruits with wood and hints of cinnamon.
Palate: Thick and smooth opening with cinnamona and brown sugar. Coffee finish.
From 2018:
Aroma: Celery, kale and spearmint.
Palate: Strong herbaceous notes with slight smoke and a long finish of cooked agave. Extra Añejo
From 2007:
Aroma: Fruity with delicate vanilla and olive brine acidity.
Palate: Cooked agave layered with toffee, almonds, and brioche.
From 2018:
Aroma: Apple cider, cherries , and fresh grass.
Palate: Complex floral notes and fresh oak with salted peanuts and dark chocolate.

Las Águilas

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Las Águilas (the Eagles) was named after the eagles that nested in trees along the property. The year 2017 marked the second time since 1965 the rancho was used to grow and harvest agave. A small percentage of plants on this field were left to grow the quiote (the long, flowering stalk that shoots up from the agave plant signaling the end of its life cycle) as part of the Bat Friendly Program that Tequila Ocho is proud to participate in.

Plata Aroma: Macadamia nut, tart cassis, nutmeg and pink peppercorn.
Palate: Dry with notes of whiipped cream, white chocolate, and black pepper. Reposado Aroma: Grilled peach, caramel, and molasses.
Palate: Pineapple, maple syrup, coffee, and white pepper. Añejo Aroma: Toasted almonds, dried pineapple, and lemongrass.
Palate: Red berries, brioche toast, violents and a hint of rose.

Los Nopales

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Named after the wild prickly pear cactuses found along the property, this field originally belonged to Carlos Camarena’s grandfather, Don Felipe Camarena. In 2017, the land was used to grow and harvest agave for the first time in 35 years. Tequila produced featured bright aromas and notes of almond, chamomile, and mocha.

Plata Aroma: River stone minerality with fresh cut grass, orange blossom, and pineapple.
Palate: Complex with notes of sweet yellow fruit and caramel. Reposado Aroma: Caramel, cooked agave, butter, rosemary, orange peel, hints of coconut and black pepper.
Palate: Nut praline, orange peel, grilled vegetables, rosemary, cooked agave and spices.

Los Patos

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Named appropriately after the duck pond it’s located next to, Los Patos is located west, in the direction of Mexico City. The field is on a hill sloping to the west sitting at 7,200 feet. Agave harvested here were 7 years old, producing tequila with herbal notes of jasmine, chamomile and lavender.

Plata Aroma: Bitter orange, green banana, and white tea.
Palate: Jasmine, peppermint, chamomile and rosemary. Reposado Aroma: Raw notes of artichoke and butternut squash with nutmeg and marzipan.
Palate: Tannic with notes of baked apple, black pepper, and dried lavender. Añejo Aroma: gardenia blossoms, lime zest, guava, anise, milk chocolate, eucalyptus, butter, jasmine, honeysuckle, basil and melon. Palate: clarified butter, earthy minerality and salinity, raw corn, nopal, green peppercorn, honey sweetness and cinnamon finish.

Potrero Grande

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Roughly translated to “large place to keep horses,” Potrero Grande was originally the land of Carlos Camarena’s grandfather. Surrounded by cactus on mostly flat land, fully mature plants were harvested at six years old and used to make tequila for the 70th anniversary of the family business.

Plata Aroma: Minerality with stewed red fruit and floral notes.
Palate: Round, soft and deep with notes of maple and canteloupe. Reposado Aroma: Cooked agave notes with clove, white lily and wet earth.
Palate: Cremy with notes of earthy raw greens and butterscotch.

Puerta del Aire

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Just 2 miles northeast of La Alteña, Puerto del Aire is known for its gentle slope of the land and fully mature agave at 7 years old, producing tequila with herbal notes of fresh-cut grass, basil and eucalyptus.

Plata Aroma: Round spices with floral notes of lily and rose water.
Palate: Sweet notes of molasses, brown sugar, and coffee. Reposado Aroma: Lime zest with a salinity of green olive.
Palate: Fresh cut grass and hazelnut with a mild spicy finish.

Loma Alta

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Loma Alta (high hill) sits roughly at an altitude of 6,700 feet where agaves are planted from east to west to take advantage of the southern orientation of the field. Soil here is rich in iron and potassium leading to tequila with sweeter, creamier notes of marzipan, vanilla and even crème brûlée.

Plata Aroma: Citrus notes of orange blossom and a slight minerality.
Palate: Balanced fruity and acidic flavors like grapefuit and pineapple. Reposado Aroma: Earthy with notes of wet woodland and dates.
Palate: Sweet cooked cranberry and vanilla with a bitter cacao finish. Añejo Aroma: Red apples, cherries, ripe raspberries, anise, toasted nuts, hints of coffee and dark chocolate.
Palate: Oak, toast bread, cherries, chocolate, coffee, milk caramel and spices at the end. A very complex tequila with a long, luxurious finish.

La Latilla

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La Latilla has been in the Camarena Family for 30 years, first used for grazing cattle and sheep. Along with agave, it is home to mature cedar and oak trees. Expressions distilled from La Latilla features notes of sweet fruit like apricots, berries and peaches with a harmonious balance of bolder flavors.

Plata Aroma: Strong notes of roasted agave and red earth.
Palate: Sweet fruity entry with a rich mouthfeel and a dry ‘green’ finish. Reposado Aroma: Bright agave perfume balanced with leather and nutmeg.
Palate: Bright entry with a dark brown sugar finish. Añejo Aroma: Wood, cinnamon and burnt caramel.
Palate: Round and sweet with black pepper, vanilla, and cacao.

La Magueyera

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La Magueyera named after agave itself is located near the border of Michohoacán on Río Lerma. This slightly sloping land features a terroir similar to the Tequila Valley with a gray-like soil. Since 1963 when the first agaves were planted, this field was only harvested three times, twice under Carlos Camarena.

Plata Aroma: Sweet, fruity notes of mango and orange marmalade.
Palate: Ripe tropical fruits lead to a peppery body and a green banana finish. Reposado Aroma: Blossoms with slight anise and eucaplyptus.
Palate: Tangerine, lemongrass, and a roasted pineapple finish. Añejo Aroma: Red fruit, hibiscus and buttery notes.
Palate: Red stone fruit is apparent with slight caramel and a ‘green’ finish. Extra Añejo Aroma: Floral and fruity rose petals, dates and raisins.
Palate: Enhanced cooked agave leads to white pepper and wood finish.

Los Fresnos

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Adjacent to La Alteña (the distillery where Ocho was originally produced) is Rancho Los Fresnos, named after the Fresno oak trees which grow on the ranch. In 2013, more than 20,000 piñas were harvested to make tequila, which produced peppery notes throughout.

Plata Aroma: Fresh cracked pepper, cooked agave and nutmeg.
Palate: Hints of pineapple and grass with a green olive finish. Reposado Aroma: Extra ripe cooked agave with butterscotch and toffee.
Palate: Hints of mint, caramel, toffee and minerality. Añejo Aroma: Green tropical fruits with hints of honey and smoke.
Palate: Mild pepper with underlying smoke and a candied fruit long finish.

El Refugio

El Refugio (the refuge) is known for its bright red oxide soil and natural cactus wall that surrounds the field. Within the land itself are many undulating contours, giving a variety of positions for agave to grow and flourish. Tequila produced here contains sweet agave notes and subtle accents of brown sugar, caramel, and tropical fruit.

Plata Aroma: Fruity notes of pomegranate, guava and grapefruit.
Palate: Leads with sweet agave with a slight spice and dryness. Reposado Aroma: Evergreen mint with pine and mandarin blossom.
Palate: Subtle accents of brown sugar and orange spice with hints of oak. Añejo Aroma: Toffee, caramel and red fruits.
Palate: Sweet toffee, coffee cake and caramel. Extra Añejo Aroma: Earthy with slight notes of cedar and peach.
Palate: Cacao, coffee, and toffee.

El Puertecito

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Sitting at 7,000 feet right in the heart of the highlands is El Puertecito, the highest elevation agave field owned by the Camarena family. Among the fields, you’ll find oak and cedar trees, along with Mexican native trees huizache and tepame. Their shade shields the agave, preventing them from getting too hot in the summer.

Plata Aroma: Peppery with slight cedar hints and fennel.
Palate: A touch of smoke with spearmint, chestnut and butterscotch. Reposado Aroma: Dry vanilla extract with custard and almonds.
Palate: Floral lily notes with butterscotch and banana. Añejo Aroma: Roasted chestnuts with grapefuit and caramel.
Palate: Oaky with stewed fruit and a cooked greens finish.

Los Mangos

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Nestled along the Rio Lerma is Los Mangos, the furthest field from Aranadas, surrounded by mountains and hillsides with agave fields. Originally named after the land that grew both mango and cherry trees, Los Mangos has a terroir that is similar to that of the Tequila Valley with dark brown and black soil.

Plata Aroma: Buttery with fresh lively fruit and white pepper.
Palate: Complex balance of sweet and acidity with cooked agave and pineapple. Reposado Aroma: Sweetness balanced by acidity and hidden oak.
Palate: Cooked sweet agave with subtle oak and a vegetal finish. Añejo Aroma: Muted oak and cedar notes with hints of vanilla.
Palate: Leads with sharp oak with subtle smoke and a bitter cacao finish.

Los Corrales

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Roughly translated to “place to keep livestock,” Los Corrales sits at just over 7,100 feet where the soil is deep red and smooth. Agave plants were harvested after 9 years with the best possible acidity. Out of nearly 21,000 agave planted here, 86% were harvested to make tequila with an earthy palate and hints of cocoa.

Plata Aroma: Lively with fresh agave and tropical fruits.
Palate: Peppery intro followed by vegetal notes and creamy fruit. Reposado Aroma: Bright agave with cinnamon, custard and nutmeg.
Palate: Lively and deep with plums, anise, and green olive. Añejo Aroma: Earthy with sweet pine resin and cooked chili.
Palate: Clean, natural and light with a subtle oak finish. Añejo Single Barrel Aroma: Rich and creamy with coca and warm citrus notes.
Palate: Full palate with a silky creaminess and an herbal finish.

Cerrito de San Augstin

The hilly ranch of San Agustin is a special place for the Camarena family as it was where Don Felipe Camarena was born in 1897. At 6,500 feet, the landscape is undulated with a deep red soil of iron oxide. As this land was originally leased by the Camarena family to grow agave, we will likely not see another harvest from this field.

Plata Aroma: A balance of sweetness and acidity with red fruit.
Palate: Tangerine citrus, cinnamon, and a minty, coffee finish. Reposado Aroma: Caramel-vanilla sweetness punctuated by spearmint.
Palate: Round and vegetal with tobacco, juniper and pine notes. Spicy finish. Añejo Aroma: Lavender, orange marmalade, and natural acidity.
Palate: Subtle oak with dry fruit leads to a dry, elegant finish of maple. Extra Añejo Aroma: Cinnamon, peach, and pear with perfrumed acidity.
Palate: Dry, Cognac-like perfume that alternates between sweet and dry. Extra Añejo Single Barrel Aroma: Dry and sharp perfume with hints of cedar and raisin.
Palate: Nutty with burnt vanilla.

Las Pomez

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Las Pomez, is a large field named after the porous volcanic stones in the surrounding lands. At approximately 7 hectares, agave plants were first planted in 1999, oriented from east to west, with more than 20,000 agave plants to-date. The iron-rich soil along with the hyper-ripeness of the agave imparted a very special sweetness to the tequila.

Plata Aroma: Sweet molasses, butterscotch and ripe agave.
Palate: Lively with round sweetness and subtle tropical fruits. Reposado Aroma: Sweet agave nectar with a slight touch of cinnamon.
Palate: Clean. Sweetness balances the dry notes.

El Carrizal

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Two miles Arandas, you’ll find El Carrizal, a 4.5-acre ranch surrounded by pine and elm trees. Originally nicknamed “La Langacha” (the strip) by Don Felipe Camarena, this thin strip of land sits at 6,500 feet and is known for its red soil and intensely sweet agave.

Aroma: Sweet floral Aroma with extra ripe agave.
Palate: Citrus, cinnamon, and almond with spearmint finish. Reposado
Aroma: Strong floral presence and cooked agave.
Palate: Ripe agaved followed by fruit and a subtle oak presence. Añejo
Aroma: Round red fruit with oak undertones.
Palate: Fruit and acidity balanced by spice and an earthy finish. Extra Añejo
Aroma: Floral hints with salted caramel and cedar.
Palate: Thick, rich mouthfeel. Buttery with an oaky finish.

La Rivera

With a terroir similar to the Tequila Valley, La Rivera is shorter in elevation. Agaves grown here were harvested in 2007 at nine years old with a well-above-average sugar content. This resulted in a herbal and fruity Ocho Plata with intense peppery notes and a fruity roundness.

Plata Aroma: Herbal and fruity with cooked agave.
Palate: Intense pepper with a sweet finish of orchard fruits and orange blossoms.