‘Terroir’ is the French term used to describe the natural elements (influences) that have an effect on agriculture, notably grapes grown for wine use. These elements include soil composition, altitude, temperatures day and night throughout the year, rain fall, humidity and exposition to the sun and winds.

It is becoming increasingly understood and agreed upon that the concept of ‘terroir’ also exists within the growing of agave and the resulting tequila made from it. In Jalisco, the largest tequila producing state of Mexico there are two main regions for agave growing and tequila production – ‘Tequila Valley’ and ‘Los Altos’. It is said that the tequilas made in Tequila Valley are masculine, forward in flavour, with an earthy, peppery and herbal taste profile. In comparison, tequilas made from agaves grown in Los Altos are feminine, softer, rounder, more fruity and floral.

Tequila Ocho takes the exploration of terroir in tequila a giant step forward by producing batches of tequila from single fields (ranchos), much the way fine Burgundy wine is produced. For example, in the village of Vosne Romanee in Burgundy, wine is produced with the following appelations: Les Beaux Monts, La Montagne and Aux Brulees to name a few. Tequila Ocho has done the same thing by producing in Arandas the following names: El Carrizal, Las Pomez and Los Corrales.

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